Dyslexia Test

A lot of people may go through life unaware that they have dyslexia. This could be because people are not aware of all the signs in front of them. The common mistake is that people think dyslexia is just about writing words and letters backwards, or a lack of comprehension when reading.

This is a common impairment for most dyslexic people, but it is also not that uncommon for dyslexia sufferers to have both a good level of reading and writing.

Imagine any impairment or disability and you will see how a person affected by it find ways to bi parse the impairment and go on learning regardless. You can devise strategies for dyslexia too.

Now with a neurological impairment such as dyslexia, which can affect how we translate and read words on a page, we may have the tendency to ignore it. But if we could embrace dyslexia and see that dyslexics just learn in a slightly different way, then it doesn't become a problem any more.

Dyslexics have trouble with something called phonological awareness and also phonological decoding. This means dyslexics have problems when recognising and breaking down words into segments and can also find it hard associating words and translating words into sounds

How to test for dyslexia. There are a few tests for dyslexia, Below is a simple list test which may help you recognise some of the symptoms of dyslexia. This is not an extensive test, but may help you understand dyslexia has a much larger array of symptoms.

Question Yes No Sometimes
Do you consistently make spelling mistakes?
Do you find you write letters backwards or swap individual words around in sentences?
Do you have difficulty remembering names and places, sometimes just moments after you are told them?
Do you suffer from fatigue after a lengthy session of reading or writing?
Do you find it hard to write in a consistent coherent way, especially under time constraints?
Do you find you read slower than everyone else, do you feel it takes several attempts to read the same few lines before it sinks in?
Do you find it hard to take notes? is it a combination of poor spelling and difficulty in forming sentences?
Do you find it hard to comprehend questions or sentences and feel that they just don't make sense, or they just simply look wrong in some way?